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Over the years Dr. Melody McCloud has served as a media consultant and contributor, providing medical advice and commentary to numerous network and cable television outlets—CNN and others; also radio programs and publications. Additional commentaries have been on social issues, be it race relations; personal responsibility, negative imagery of Black women (at the hands of others and the misdeeds of some Black women); improving self-esteem and social skills ("Smile, ladies!") and more.


Below are links which open to reveal just a sample of Dr. McCloud’s most recent, or favorite, articles she’s written. Click on pdf icon to view full article.

TV Portrayals bad for black women

Dr. Melody T. McCloud, MD

Atlanta Journal Constitution

Published April 26, 2011



Even before Donald Trump’s 2011 season of “Celebrity Apprentice” began, the chosen previews featured NeNe Leakes of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” raising Hades with everyone, especially the other Black women on the show… Does such wild, crass, abrasive behavior happen on other “reality” shows? Yes. But contrary to what many say, the field, and perceptions, is not always level, nor will it ever be.


As a Black woman who is trying to promote positive images of Black women in the media, I say we really don't need this from NeNe, Star Jones, Dionne Warwick, Omarosa, hip-hop artists, popular burlesque-styled vocalists or anyone else. I am sick of seeing Black women gratuitously sparring with each other, for no good reason and in front of the world.


We also don't need the media to only give visibility to such types. Not all Black women act as we too often see on TV… [See posts about this at my blog at Psychology Today.] Dr. McCloud spoke about this on CNN Headline News, the Tom Joyner Morning Show and in other venues.

Doctor’s goal: End Disparities

By Dr. Melody T. McCloud, MD

Atlanta Journal Constitution

Published on July 28, 2008


Atlanta, Birthplace to the National Medical Association (Black doctors’ organization)


By Dr. Melody T. McCloud, MD

Atlanta Journal Constitution

Published on January 28, 2007




•Hip-hop and rap "music" have been nothing but a detriment to the Black community. It has adversely affected respect, attire, language skills, proper decorum and social interactions in the community.


•The disrespect of Black women is tantamount to a public flogging in the modern-day town square—the media, the Internet, TV, movies and music videos. Someone must speak out against this societal poison.


•We've gone from "My Cherie Amour" to "bitch, ho, slut and whore." This is unacceptable. This must stop.


•Denigrating and disrespecting Black women is not a sport. Black men must stop doing it and Black women must stop participating in it.


•The problem has multiple prongs, and so does the remedy.

"Better ways to be heard"

By Dr. Melody T. McCloud, MD

USA Today, 1992


Long before Bill Cosby began his current crusade re: the Black community and before the 2008 speech about personal responsibility by Sen. Barack Obama, Dr. Melody T. McCloud made similar comments in a 1992 USA TODAY.

"Single and Looking Beats Empty Marriage?"

By Dr. Melody T. McCloud, MD

Atlanta Journal Constitution

Published on January 28, 2007


Is it better to be alone without a spouse, or to have a spouse . . . and still be alone? I never thought I’d find myself "never married, no kids..."

"Coretta King's health, death a lesson for life"

By Dr. Melody T. McCloud, MD

February 3, 2006


It is time to change the history of Black women’s health and social value in this country; doing so can change that of our race and future generations.


By Dr. Melody T. McCloud, MD

Copyright © 2008


MLK’s former attorney, Clarence Jones, said “No greater tribute could be paid to King...? than for Whites to apologize for slavery." Dr. McCloud says “Are you kidding me? The long-overdue apology would be nice, but…then what? Both Black and White communities have “internal bleeding."

Minority health and access to medical care lags behind;ethnic health disparities persist

By Dr. Melody T. McCloud, MD

The Island Packet

Published on May 30, 2008

Excerpt of Dr. McCloud's submission "Black Girls Gone Wild?"

By Dr. Melody T. McCloud, MD

Rolling Out Urban Style Weekly

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