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For discounted, bulk purchases of Living Well…Despite Catchin’ Hell: The Black Woman’s Guide to Health, Sex and Happiness, email us at: mtm[at]DrMcCloud[dot]com. State how many books you desire and the event or requesting organization. Discounts for quantity sales are available [plus shipping charges]. This book makes an excellent gift bag treat for women’s groups, health seminars, media and social issue conferences. Comparative stats for Black, White, Hispanic, Asian and American Indian are included in the pages. [Spelman College bought 300 copies for one of their conferences; Duval County bought dozens of books for their conferees, as have others.]



Dr. McCloud has been invited to address numerous organizations. Click here for a sample list.


To book Dr. McCloud to speak at your conference, meeting or special event; or to MC a program, feel free to use our online Speaker Request Form. OR, you may email all pertinent information to mtm[at]DrMcCloud[dot]com.

To expedite your request, please be sure to include:


•         the requested date(s) of appearance

•         sponsoring organization

•         location

•         all contact information for the event coordinator (name, address, phone, fax, email [and website, if any]).

•         Also include the area of interest you'd like Dr. McCloud to speak about

•         length of presentation;

•         your provisions, offered compensation;

•         the anticipated number of participants/attendees;

•         additional panelists/presenters, if any;

•         the event facility, city and state.

•         If you have any brochures about previous, similar events, please be sure to include it with your mailed request.

•         Re: FEE SCHEDULE—please provide compensation information, or inquire re: speaking fees; also provisions re: air and ground transportation, lodging and incidentals.

Note: Dr. McCloud's base travels are from Atlanta, GA.


For discounted, bulk purchases of BLESSED HEALTH:


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Email, S&S Premium Sales:; or 1-212-698-2105


For bulk purchases of all other books (as available):



Email mtm[at]DrMcCloud[dot]com Briefly state how many of each title you request; and if for a special forum, please provide conference name, date and venue (for our files).


Email Dr. McCloud: mtm[@]DrMcCloud[dot]com. We look forward to hearing from you! Thank you.



Be Healthy, Be Blessed…and make sure you are LIVING WELL in 2012...and beyond!