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"Hip-hop and rap 'music' have been nothing but a detriment to the Black community. It has adversely affected respect, attire, language skills, ambition, proper decorum and social interactions in the community."

--MTM, M.D.

"For the past 2 decades, Black boys looked to athletes, rappers and thugs as role models. They emulated them, thinking those type men were powerful. It is my hope that young Black boys will look at Barack Obama (and other strong Black men like him) and aspire to get a good education; master the English language; marry and cherish a wife (who thinks) and be an excellent, present and loving father to their children."

--Melody T. McCloud, M.D.

After delivering a little one...

and sometimes out having fun!


In her first-ever poetry slam, Dr. McCloud won the 2nd place prize (Georgia Poetry Society)

Dr. McCloud in surgery, removing fibroid tumors (image obscured)

"Changing the health of our women can change that of our race and future generations."

--Melody T. McCloud, M.D.

Dr. McCloud's beloved professor visits his 'favorite student ever' at her book-signing in Boston, MA

Dr. Melody McCloud dines with friends




Dr. Melody McCloud and Rev. Wyatt T. Walker.



After Dr. McCloud's lecture, attendees wait to share stories/get books autographed.


Dr McCloud autographs her books and poems for conferees



...and now