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Dr. McCloud hosts a “Health & Happiness” blog at Psychology Today! She writes about sex, health and happiness; also musings for people of color. See and Subscribe today so you don't miss a post.


Dr. McCloud has an eBook of poems, Melodies of the Heart: Poems of Life & Love. Own the collection in seconds!


Dr. McCloud’s Medical Bloopers! Amusing and Amazing Stories of Health Care Workers (with a foreword By Dr. Neil Shulman, author of “Doc Hollywood.”) is now available as an eBook! Tickle your funny bone today!


Coming your way: The eBook version of Spiritual Pursuit: Questions for Your Soul (a personal spiritual inventory previously entitled Being Honest with God and Me).


Dr. McCloud has become an advocate to increase awareness of Borderline Personality Disorder, especially how it affects men in greater numbers than currently believed, and the potential higher risk of this disorder in Black families. Also see additional articles at the Psychology Today blog, which address multiple topics. Click the blog's blue title for complete list. e-Booklets about BPD are forthcoming.


If you have Borderline Personality Disorder, or know someone who does--perhaps an ex-lover, spouse, or even a parent--please send your story to mtm[at]DrMcCloud[dot]com.


Dr. McCloud is also the Site Administrator for the web site for civil rights leader, Rev. Dr. Wyatt Tee Walker.


Dr. McCloud periodically contributes to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Essence magazine,,, Elon Couture magazine, and to the National Organization of African-American Women.


Dr. McCloud is planning to write two other books. One will need your input, your personal stories! The other will be her memoir. Stay tuned!